No Decimal


No Decimal

Engineered scarcity. Real burn that affects the token value and distribution.

CA: 0x8b4d316e40ac4baf08957963210c6cff683a152b


What's the project about?

This is a unique project where the total supply is 4096 and there are 0 decimals, meaning a minimum amount someone can trade is 1 whole token. Tokens cannot be divided into smaller parts, like 0.99, 5.5, 80.33 – it can only be, for example, 1, 5, 80.




Limited Supply


Burned so far




What make us different?

Discover the future of liquidity with Decimal Pools, a cutting-edge utility providing interest-bearing pools supplied by our trusted whale partners. As a pool supplier, enjoy interest earnings, with a percentage dedicated to burning SCARCE and rewarding NFT holders.

Smart liquidity

Secure and versatile liquidity solution


Sustainable revenue model for pool suppliers.

Real Burn

SCARCE's burn features amplify scarcity to the max.


Brolex Collections

Purchase our NFT’s now and become a part of the exclusive Brolex club.


What's happening?

A simple timeline of all the events set to take place.

NFT Drop


Scare public Locker live


Decimal Scarce token launch


Decimal pools BETA


Income generating utility


Full public Decimal pools



Frequently asked questions?

Our idea for our planned utility is still being developed but we are planning to build a utility that fits with our scarce theme and that other projects investors can lock their tokens away in our locker providing stability to the other project and a burn of the projects supply.

These will all lead to burns of SCARCE and generate revenue for marketing and development.

The Brolex collection is a collection of 4096 stunning watch NFT's of varying traits and rarity. Owning one of these get's you into the Brolex club the hottest private group with insider info and a whole load of perks to enjoy: Win 1 of 12 Rolex watches, Revenue share from decimal pool plus first access and whitelists spots for all upcoming projects that will be launched.

We will be launching a decimal SCARCE token and this is what will be used for trading in our pools. Initial trading on this will not open to public but whitelisted only, come and chat in our TG to find out how you can get on that whitelist.

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